• Man accused of beating woman unconscious, raping her


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis man is accused of dragging a woman into his house, beating her until she was unconscious, and raping her. 

    David Bobo is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated rape. 

    Police said the victim told them that on October 8, she visited Bobo at his home in the 400 block of Josephine. 

    She told officers she and Bobo had been friends for about a year. 

    She said while they were visiting and drinking, Bobo asked her for sex while they were on his front porch. 

    When she said no, she said Bobo became angry and punched her in the jaw. She said he grabbed her by her shirt and dragged her through the front door, into the bedroom, threw her on the bed, and punched her twice in the left eye. 

    She said Bobo began raping her, and she passed out during the rape due to the punches to her head. 

    When she woke up, she said another man was in the room trying to wake her up. That man told police he came by Bobo's house and saw the woman with her clothes torn up, lip busted, and blood coming from her eye. 

    He told police he yelled at Bobo and then took the woman over to his house to call police. 

    The victim had a severely swollen left eye and jaw and cuts and bruises to her face. She was taken to the hospital where she continued to slip in and out of consciousness. 

    A neighbor told police he went back and forth from his house and Bobo's house while the victim was there. That neighbor told officers that while he was sitting on the porch, Bobo came outside and said he regretted beating the woman. 

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