• Man beats up girlfriend, puts her in trunk of car for texting other men, police say

    By: Ryan Glover


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - It's a story you don't hear everyday. A Memphis man is accused of beating and putting his girlfriend in the back of his car. 

    According to police, the incident happened Friday, Feb. 16 in the 5200 block of Rolling Meadows. The victim, who we will keep unidentified, told police her boyfriend beat her up for an hour after he witnessed she was texting other men. 

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    According to the police narrative FOX13 obtained, the victim had visible swelling and bruising to the left side of her face. The victim told police her boyfriend hit her in the face and pulled her hair. 

    She then told police, her boyfriend then placed her in the trunk of her car and began driving. She stated to police she was in the trunk for about five mins. until they reached the location. 

    The boyfriend let her out of the trunk and started yelling at the vicitim again. 

    FOX13 is working to learn more about this incident, so check back for updates. 

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