Man breaks into home while family sleeps, shoots person in chest

A man was shot after chasing off a man who broke into his home.

According to the police, a woman was sleeping when she heard her bedroom door creak on the 6000 block of Hickory Meadow. It happened at the Enclave Apartment Homes on Sunday in Southeast Memphis.

She woke up and called her brother who was in the room next to her. Her brother woke up and yelled, "who in here." That is when the suspect fled.

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He jumped over the patio and fired one shot at the brother. He was hit in the chest.

Paramedics rushed the victim to Regional One where he is currently in critical condition.

The woman told police that someone had been knocking on her window the past few days, but never saw anyone's face.

The entire situation was unnerving to nearby residents.

“I just moved here from Texas and I have kind of been taking in the area. I haven't had a lot of issues with it. But that does kind of give me a little bit worried about it. Because I got kids. A little boy and a little girl,” said Christopher Sneed, who lives roughly a block away.

The victim’s sister, who heard the intruder, told police she had heard tapping for the past few days but when she looked outside never saw anyone.

“It’s actually funny because I've been talking to my daughter trying to get her to sleep through the night, and she says she has been hearing stuff on her window,” said Speed. “I've just kind of disregarded it but maybe now I will take those statements a little bit more seriously.”

“If it's been going on a week, then evidently they've been seeing the person around. So evidently they know who it is,” said Thomas Richards, who was born and raised in Memphis.

Home invasions always put people on edge, but many told FOX13 they are glad no one was killed, and it is a good reminder to stay cautious at all times.

“I lock every door in my house, every window,” said Speed.

“I'm still doing the same thing I was doing before. If you come in, it's on me. You on the outside, it's on the police,” said Richard.

We reached out to the victims and knocked on the apartment door. No one was home and they did not respond to messages.

Right now there is no suspect information, but the investigation is ongoing.