Man captured on security camera robbing Mississippi pharmacy

Man captured on security camera robbing Mississippi pharmacy

TUNICA, Miss. — A man is wanted after he was caught on video holding up a pharmacy in Tunica Wednesday night.

Security camera video shows the robber come in through the front door of Express RX on Highway 62.

He appears to hide his face from the camera and according to police he was covered from head to toe.

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Later, the man is seen charging through the store with an assault rifle drawn.

Police hope someone will recognize him from the way he walks or his shoes or his Air Jordan jacket.

Tunica Police Chief, Michael Nichols, told FOX13 he believes someone will be able to identify the man through the security video.

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"I would think that they would if you look at the video. Everybody knows somebody by their movements, their body language, by the way they walk, the way they stand, the type of clothes they have on, what types of shoes they have on," said Nichols.

Police said they are looking to put a SkyCop camera on a nearby corner to overlook all the businesses.

"We have several up already throughout the town and the highway district through here, the highway corridor. We have plans for cameras to go up and one is to go within this area. We are just waiting for different processes and the red tape," said Nichols.

Police searched the area but found no evidence of the robber.

Police said they also believe that the weapon used was possibly stolen.

No one was injured in the robbery.

It's unclear how much money the robber got away with.