Man caught on camera stealing hundreds of pieces of mail from USPS truck

CORDOVA, Tenn. — A man was captured on surveillance video stealing 400 pieces of mail, including packages, from a USPS truck in broad daylight.

The theft happened outside Stonebridge Crossing Apartments in Cordova, and the punishment for this kind of theft can be severe.

According to officials, the man could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

The USPS Inspectors are now investigating after the video shows the man walking up to an unlocked mail truck and taking an entire tub full of mail and packages.

“He kind of looks around, makes sure no one is watching, then goes into the carrier’s vehicle and pulls out two trays of mail and packages and runs off,” said Branden Guffey, a USPS Inspector.

Guffey is a federal law enforcement officer who was given this video from residents at the apartment complex.

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Residents told investigators they have been having issues with mail theft in the past – people prying open mailboxes and taking mail – which is why residents installed the security cameras.

The mail stolen by the unidentified suspect was set to be delivered at another apartment complex down the street.

Video shows the man cautiously come back for a package he dropped while stealing the mail initially.

According to Guffey, the man most likely would resell the stolen merchandise and keep some for himself, also looking for gift cards and cash sent through the mail.

Investigators said most of the letter mail and magazines have been recovered, but the contents of the packages had been removed.

No arrests have been made yet.