Man found dead, gunman released after shooting in Memphis neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn — New information tonight in a deadly Saturday afternoon shooting in the Belt Line community.

Memphis Police told FOX13 the shooting in the 500 block of Boston Street may have been a robbery.

The man detained told police he shot the victim in self-defense.

Information was given to FOX13 late tonight by MPD also shows that the man who died and the shooter knew each other.

People in the 500 block of Boston Street told FOX13 they heard several gunshots that resulted in a 20-year-old man being shot to death.

Police say a gunman shot the man inside of an Infiniti Coupe.

Several people who live in the neighborhood declined an on-camera interview.

Witnesses who live across from where the shooting happened told FOX13 the gunman shot the man while sitting in the driver seat of the car.

Police did detain a man but, later released him.

Police told FOX13 the man they detained was the gunman.

Several people in this neighborhood told FOX13 what happened yesterday still makes them scared to even walk around their neighborhood.

People in the neighborhood also told FOX13 it’s more than likely that the people involved in this shooting are not from the area.

Police are asking if there is any information that can help them in this investigation, please call Crime Stoppers.

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