Man is dead after pharmacy medication mix-up

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — One man is dead after a Southaven pharmacy allegedly mixed up the dosage of the man’s medication.

Jeffrey Dale Simmons, of Clarksdale, died after a CVS pharmacist filled his prescription with four times the dosage that the doctor had prescribed.

Simmons’ family is suing CVS and the pharmacist in federal court, according to the lawsuit.

We spoke to a northern Mississippi pharmacist who told us it is easy to be your own advocate and to make sure you get the right medicines and use them properly.

The pharmacist said when a doctor prescribes you medicines, you need to ask the doctor questions at that point.

“Ask what are you writing for me,” said Mike Klepzig, a pharmacist at Mike's Pharmacy. “What is it for and what does it do and what is its strength that way you are more educated on what he is giving you, versus you just taking it for granted.”

Klepzig is an Olive Branch, Mississippi, pharmacist. He tells us to not just ask questions at the doctor’s office. When you go to the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist questions about your medication. The pharmacist should be open to a consultation about the medication, especially if it is new.

The important questions to remember include:

  • What is the dosage?
  • Medication interactions?
  • Does it need to be taken with food or shaken up?

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Klepzig said that if you get home and something doesn’t look right or seem right, like the color or size, pick up the phone and call the pharmacy.

Before you put a pill in your month, make sure you know what you are taking.

It is a triad of communication, Klepzig said. It is between the doctor, the patient and the pharmacy to get the right medication.

Klepzig said that patients should take a list of questions to their doctor to help them make sure they get more information about the medication they are given.