Man ran drug operation near local elementary school from Nashville prison

Three people have been sentenced to prison for their roles in a drug conspiracy that operated in a school zone.

The case involved one suspect, Jason Lamar White, who orchestrated the entire operation by using a cellphone in his Nashville prison cell, according to the District Attorney’s Office. In Tennessee, it is illegal to bring a cellphone or other contraband into a prison, but there is no law against inmates having cellphones.

The DA’s Office said the case involved a shipment of methamphetamine that was sent via FedEx from California to an address in the 2500 block of Jenwood Street. The home is just 235 feet away from an elementary school, which violates the Drug Free School Zone Act.

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Investigators said Kristina Cole, 43, lived at the home and accepted the package that contained drugs. She then sent a text to White, her imprisoned boyfriend, saying the "package arrived."
Cole was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison.

White allegedly call Cole several times about the package while Bartlett police officers, who received a tip about the drugs, were executing a search warrant on the home. Investigators said he sent his brother to the house when he couldn’t get his girlfriend to answer.

The DA’s Office said White was using a contraband phone while imprisoned in Nashville, where he was serving a sentence for several violent offenses. He was sentenced to 60 years with no parole.

Montez Mullins, 32, was also sentenced in the case. He got 30 years for facilitating the drug conspiracy. His sentence is being served consecutive with a 70-year term he is serving for a number of aggravated robbery convictions.

According to the DA’s Office, Mullins said Cole and White knew nothing about the drug delivery. He claimed a Hispanic man he met in prison gave him the address as a “good” place to deliver drugs in the Memphis area.

Mullins also said he told Cole that the FedEx package contained jewelry intended for his mother, according to investigators.