Man rescued after being trapped in plane crash, neighbors react

MARSHALL CO., Miss. — A man was rescued after crashing his plane in Marshall County.

The crash happened around 1:30 p.m. Friday near the intersection of Tate Marshall Road and Wall Hill Road, according to the Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said only one person was inside the plane when it crashed down, and that man was rescued and flown to a hospital.

According to Marshall County officials, the man was traveling in a single-person aircraft and is "lucky to be alive."

"The most important thing is that this man is still alive. Thank god he his," said Kelley McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff's Office. "Once you see the plane, you'll understand why I say this."

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Deputies told FOX13 the man made the 9-1-1 call and his crash was discovered by a MediVac helicopter passing through the area.

"They were actually heading to Oxford when they detected the crash," McMillen said. "They actually made the scene, landed and assisted us wih getting the individual out of the plane."

Neighbors in the area like Randy King told FOX13 they're happy the pilot is going to make it.

"I feel like he was blessed because in the place crash, normally the worst scenario does happen," King said.

The FAA has been brought in to investigate the crash. That investigation will begin Monday.

Below is the general area where the crash happened: