• Man says he was beaten by West Memphis police, plans to take action

    By: Marius Payton


    WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. - There are allegations of police brutality against the West Memphis Police Department after a man said he got beaten so badly, he had to be taken by paramedics to the emergency room.

    Montana Ceaser said the people who did this to him were supposed to protect and serve, and he said that never happened.

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    Montana Ceaser said the beating came as his hands were cuffed behind his back.  “They were hitting me. They were kicking me and when they were hitting me and kicking me a stuff, I tried to put my head in the mud. One of them grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face up and kicked me in the face,” remembered Ceaser.

    Ceaser said the wounds have started to heal, but the memories continue to haunt. Ceaser told FOX13 the incident started when a passenger in his car was recognized by the police and had a warrant.

    A history of distrust with the West Memphis police caused Ceaser to run.

    "That's why they didn't take me to jail that day. That's why they beat me and left me right there and someone had to call the paramedics,” said Ceaser. He wasn’t even arrested. “They put me in handcuffs and put me in the backseat of the car and I was bleeding bad and stuff. They just told me to sign some papers and they just left me right there.”

    Ceaser said he went to the hospital. He told FOX13 doctors and nurses couldn't believe who he said was to blame. "They told me I was assaulted by the police and they told me to get a lawyer."

    FOX13 went to the West Memphis Police Department to ask them about the allegations of police brutality. They said they were aware of the allegations but had no comment.

    Caesar said even though he wasn't arrested that night, he is currently facing charges of fleeing, resisting arrest and driving without a license and insurance. Crimes he feels didn't deserve the punishment he received.

    When asked if he thought the police were going to kill him, he replied. “No, but I knew they were going to hurt me though, real bad.”

    If any of these allegations are true, the police in West Memphis, Arkansas have to answer some tough questions about what happened and they may have to answer those questions in a court room. Ceaser said he is indeed getting an attorney.  

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