• Man steals hundred of thousands of dollars worth of coins from girlfriend's grandmother, police say

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis police arrested a man after they said he stole a coin collection from his girlfriend's grandmother. 

    According to the arrest affidavit, the victim called the police when she noticed coins were missing from her safe. 

    A family member broke down in tears when FOX13 asked her about those coins. She said her father spent years saving them for his wife.

    “Let’s just put it this way. It was my dad’s life savings and what my mother was supposed to live on,” she said. 

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    The most expensive coins were 250 Krugerrand gold coins worth $360,000. There was also $100,000 in the safe along with various other coins. 

    The victim told police she believed her granddaughter's boyfriend, Brandon Raley, might have found the key. Detectives searched the Lead Online pawn database and found where 156 of the coins had been pawned by Raley. 

    Police found the suspect at his home and he told police that he had a homeless friend named "Erin" who he brought to the house. He left "Erin" inside the house for a bit alone, and then he met him at the car. 

    Sometime later, he said "Erin" asked for help to pawn off coins that his grandfather had left him. He claimed his friend did not have an ID and needed help to pawn the items. 

    When detectives asked about inconsistencies in his story, he became defensive and said he no longer wished to speak.

    Police records said he did willfully admit to pawning the gold Kruggerands.

    Raley was arrested and charged with Theft of Property more than $25,000. 

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