• Man survives being shot in face during robbery, now faces new nightmare

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A recent college graduate is facing nearly $200,000 worth of hospital bills after being robbed and shot near the University of Memphis.

    Darrell Martin was the victim of a violent crime in December. He was shot only a block away from the school.

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    In the months since the shooting, you would expect him to be focused on recovery. Instead, something else is weighing heavily on his mind.

    “In the back of my mind is definitely that big bill,” Martin told FOX13. “I spent five days in the ICU. My bill racked up pretty high.”

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    Martin was shot in the face, neck, and wrist.

    As a recent graduate, he was already paying student loans. Now, his hospital stay is tacking more than $170,000.

    “I’m at a loss…a huge loss,” Martin said. “I really don’t know what to do besides swallow it.”
    The State of Tennessee Victim’s Assistance Program assists people who fall in Martin’s category –innocent people who are hurt in a random crime.

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    The program gives victims a maximum amount of $32,000 toward victim’s medical expenses.
    Martin told FOX13 he has received $30,000 from the program.

    Attorney John Keith Perry said other than the assistance from the state, the other option is to pay the hospital what you can afford.

    “Hospital facilities will work with people on payment plans, if they are able to pay. It’s a matter of negotiating,” Perry explained.

    Martin said moving forward he hopes more can be done for people involved in random violent crimes.
    “Try to be a little more understanding, besides this is all we got for you, especially for something like this,” Martin said. “I didn’t ask for this.”

    The family set up an GoFundMe. Click here.

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