• Man threatens to kill police and rolls up a blunt in front of them, court records say


    A Memphis man is accused of threatening police officers and rolling up marijuana in front of them, court records said.

    Lemink Mitchell was arrested yesterday on Labonte Drive.

    Memphis police said they were called to the home because Mitchell was threatening to kill his mom after she kicked him out.  She wanted officers to get him out of the home, police said. 

    When officers arrived, they said he threatened to kill them too.

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    Police said while they were talking to him, he started to cuss at them.

    “He don’t give a $%#@ that officers are right here. He is going to do what he want to do,” Lemink told the police.  

    He then rolled up some weed before trying to escape, police said. 

    Court records said multiple people came out of their houses while he was running away. After a short chase, Mitchell was arrested.

    Mitchell is facing multiple charges including Disorderly Conduct and Evading Arrest. 


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