Man tries to cover up affair by lying about carjacking to police, report says

WATCH: Man tries to cover up affair by lying about carjacking to police, report says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — He said he was carjacked, but now he faces charges.

Memphis police have arrested a man they said lied about a carjacking to cover up an affair.

Police realized the story wasn’t adding up because the man’s car was towed near this area on Summer Avenue several hours before he claimed he had been carjacked.

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Officers told FOX13 over the phone they put out a city broadcast before discovering everything was a hoax.

MPD realized something wasn’t right after talking to Anthony Thomas, who claimed two men carjacked him Monday on Barnstable Street while he sat inside his car.

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Turns out, police said he lied about the situation to cover up an affair.

Court records indicate Thomas told officers he didn’t want his wife to find out about his infidelity.

People who live in Berclair said what Thomas is accused of is insensitive considering the number of carjackings that have left victims seriously hurt across the city of Memphis.

Judy Warren lives  in Berclair, she said, “It’s just terrible for anybody to lie I mean we’ve got enough crime going on in this area.”

Officers found out Thomas's car had been towed to a location on Sumner Avenue after running Thomas’s license plate.

That’s when they said Thomas finally confessed.

The people I spoke with said this incident may discourage victims who want to report crimes in the future.

Thomas is charged with filing a false report.

We attempted to call him to see if he or someone would answer but no one did.

Less than an hour ago Memphis police told us when situations like this happen, it ties up their officers who could be responding to real emergencies.