Mayor Strickland hosts NYE prayer breakfast

On the final day of the deadliest year ever in Memphis, Jim Strickland and his city's leaders gathered under one roof for the mayor's annual prayer breakfast.

"This is the day that the lord has made,”

Pastors, politicians. policemen and the average Joe joined in arms and fellowship to reflect on the year that was... And to find ways to move forward.

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"City government cannot solve all the challenges we face. We need your help,” Mayor Jim Strickland said.

The number one issue up for discussion? This city's record crime numbers and how to fix them.

This year, nearly 1,200 people were shot or shot at and there have been 225 homicides.

"This is our problem. We gotta reach in the bowels deep in these neighborhood,” said former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton.

Herenton emphasized the solution to the city's crime problem comes from within the black community and more needs to be done in 2017.

"I'm gonna be very critical of the crime commission.” Herenton said. “I'm gonna be very critical of the juvenile court judge. You know why. Because they're floundering."

Those who gathered Saturday hopes their prayers are answered...and that Memphis will see a more peaceful 2017.