• Mayor Strickland proposes budget for next year, including pay increases for city employees


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Mayor Jim Strickland proposed his budget for the upcoming fiscal year later today. 

    Stickland will announce a 3% pay increase for City of Memphis Public Safety employees and a 1% pay increase for all other employees.

    One of the main points in his budget is a pay increase for public safety workers this year. 

    Strickland took to Facebook to make the announcement in March. He said he hopes to increase their pay by three percent. 

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    "I am committed to recruiting and retaining quality employees, and I understand that this requires making the right investments to keep us competitive. This year, I’m pleased to announce a proposed 3% increase in pay for our public safety employees in our budget," Mayor Strickland said in the release. 

    He will also propose increasing the number of summer jobs for teens and he said he will not be asking for a tax increase. 

    "I’m proud of this budget, as it will fund new items and initiatives that will continue to accelerate the momentum of this special time in our city’s history — and continue the change you asked me to deliver four years ago," Mayor Strickland said. 

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