• McDonald's beefs up with new technology

    By: Tom Dees


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - McDonald's invited FOX13 to check out their new way of having customers order items on the menu. They said their new kiosks are just a way to get orders customized and queued faster.

    As FOX13 found out, critics said the new way to order may eliminate the cashier. At the McDonald's in Lakeland, we met Fred Tillman. He owns 68 McDonald's restaurants.

    We asked him if the new kiosks were going to lead to the elimination of a need for cashiers. Tillman said, "No."

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    Tillman stated the cashiers will still be needed for customers who want to speak to a human and that's not all.

    "But what happens is when we have these order multiple order points, is that it puts more orders through the grill which means we need more people in the grill," Tillman said.

    Here is what we know: By the end of the year, the touch-to-order kiosks will be in every store in Memphis. By the end of the year, they will be in every store in the United States.

    "Right now, in the Memphis area, I think we are in my restaurants up to about 15 stores," Tillman said.

    We pressed Tillman about national criticism of McDonald's claiming that the kiosks were a reaction to the 'Fight for a 15 dollar' minimum wage. He said that's not the case and that it's just a way to give customers what they want faster.. 

    "It's not reducing our employee base at all. As matter of fact, it may be increasing the need for employees," Tillman said.

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    McDonald's beefs up with new technology