Memphis airport restaurant offering discounted meals to TSA agents during government shutdown

WATCH: Memphis airport restaurant offering discounted meals to TSA agents during government shutdown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis International Airport restaurant is offering a simple way to help TSA agents save money at while at work.

TSA agents at the airport are currently working with no definite timeline on when they’ll get paid due to the partial government shutdown.

Owners of the Runway 901 Bar and Grill told FOX13 with the current government shutdown they saw an opportunity to help TSA agents at the airport.

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James Cook is the General Manager of the restaurant.

He said the group of partners that own the restaurant didn’t think twice when it came to help out TSA agents during the shutdown.

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Cook said the restaurant is giving the agents 50 percent discounts on all food items.

"In light of the government shutdown, I got with my partners James Kelly and Edith Kelly Green, and we realized there are some good people here at the Department of Homeland Security, TSA workers,” Cook said.

TSA agents said they are scheduled to be paid this week, but that won’t happen because of the government shutdown.

A TSA agent told FOX13 off camera they haven’t been paid since a few days after Christmas.

"They haven’t had a paycheck in two weeks and although it may not generally affect me because I am not an employee of the government, we really want to look at this as one big MEM family,” Cook said.

Due to the prolonged shutdown there is no telling when TSA agents will get paid for their work.

Cook said TSA agents can depend on Runway 901 Bar and Grill for a good discounted meal for as long as they go without a check.

"But more than likely if this continues those people still have to eat, so we will probably do what we have to do to keep this going,” Cook said.

The discounts for TSA agents started Wednesday.

Several TSA agents told FOX13 off camera today that they are hoping to learn something this weekend or early next week about their paychecks.