Memphis Animal Services in need of adoptions after 319 animals admitted in 10 days

WATCH: 319 pets admitted to MAS in 10 days

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Animal Services is in need of some adoption help. People have dropped off a large number of animals in just the past few days

The fact that the weather has not cooled down, that extends the breeding season.

It has also meant they have had to put some animals down.

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“It sucks, I try to stay in professional word-land, but I will gladly tell anyone listening it sucks,” said Alexis Pugh, director of MAS.

Pugh is blunt about it when it comes to having to put animals down. But they’ve had to do that because of the increase.

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“But starting two Thursdays ago we got hit with a day of 76 animals coming in in one day and it seems like it hasn’t let up,” Pugh said.

It has been a flood of animals, mainly dogs, in the past 10 days – 319 new animals to be exact – at a time of year when they are already full.

“We have seen no slowdown at all. As a matter of fact, we have seen an increase,” Pugh said.

Simply put they don’t have the kennel space for all the animals that are coming in.

“You add 25 percent extra animals on top of what we are already anticipating coming in and it is devastating to our operation because it is a math problem,” Pugh said.

MAS officials said they are not just looking for people to adopt. They need foster families who can take animals home for a bit until space becomes available.

For more info, visit their website.