Memphis apartment complex collecting pet DNA samples in effort to end feces problem

WATCH: Apartment complex collecting pet DNA samples, in an effort to end potty problem

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis apartment complex is enforcing a strict policy for pet owners.

The Parcels at Concourse, inside Crosstown Concourse sent a letter to residents saying they are required to submit a DNA sample from their pets.

FOX13 found out this is supposed to help managers figure out who is not picking up after their pets.

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The managers can take samples they collect on this property and they will compare it to the DNA on file for pets on the property. If it matches, they will issue a fine to the owner.

It is common courtesy to pick up after your pet goes to the bathroom.

At the Crosstown Concourse there are bags and trash cans so owners can help keep the property clean. Still—some people like Virginia Scott said they are tired of lazy owners.

“You kind of have to watch where you step sometimes, especially along the sidewalk close to the building,” Scott said.

Scott works inside the building. FOX13 told her about a new program for pet owners who live there.

In this letter from the Parcels at Concourse –it asks residents to give them a sample of their pets’ DNA.

Once this is done, feces found on the property can be tested.

If it matches to a pet on the property, then that pet owner will get fined $150.

“That’s completely stupid, what else they going to do,” said Drew McLillie, who does not live there but has a dog.

He said the fine is a little extreme.

“That’s a little too far. I think it’s a waste of time and money,” McLilllie said.

In the letter to residents, it says if a pet owner does not pay the fine – their rental agreement could get terminated.

Scott likes the idea of a clean area but thinks there should be more warnings.

“Depends on how long it’s been happening, give them guidelines on what is okay and what is not,” Scott said.

The pet owners are required to give DNA samples from their dogs by June 3.

Now there will be more than just signs to hold pet owners accountable.

FOX13 reached out to the property manager but they did not want to comment.