Memphis attorney raising questions about Brian Lawler's death

A Memphis attorney who has filed suit against county jails on behalf of inmates injured or denied proper medical treatment said the Lawler family should demand answers about what happened to their son.

The events that led up Brian Lawler hanging himself in the Hardeman County Jail is under investigation by the TBI.

An independent agency should explain what happened.

Civil rights attorney Jeff Rosenblum told FOX13 he would not accept any explanation without an independent review.

"What is the TBI going to do? What documentation are they looking at? Are they looking at surveillance video? I want to know more. If it is my son and my client? I want to know more,” said Rosenblum.

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Rosenblum is skeptical after an incident like the one involving Lawler. He has filled more than 40 lawsuits against county and state run jails, prisons and has won several.

"Most suicides are preventable, and most suicides in confinement are and should be prevented," said Rosenblum.

FOX13 learned the Hardeman County Jail did receive its accreditation from the Tennessee Corrections Institute in February.

It is a relatively new facility built eight years ago.

Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen released a statement saying Lawler showed no suicidal tendencies after being placed in a separate cell because of his notoriety.

Rosenblum told FOX13 an outsider might accept the explanation, but he doesn't and neither should the Lawler family.

"I want to see the log books. I want to talk to the inmates I want to get statements from those inmates, get statement from them to make sure that is an accurate statement," Rosenblum said.