• Memphis city council standoff continues for second straight day

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The Memphis city council tried meeting again Wednesday night after four members stormed out and refused to come back to session. 

    But council failed to get anything done because they couldn't reach a quorum. 

    “Today I’m disappointed. I am disappointed because we have important city business that we need to be voting on,” said council member Ford Canale. 

    During the short meeting, city council’s attorney Allan Wade said Lonnie Treadaway withdrew his candidacy for the District 1 vacancy which leaves Rhonda Logan as the only one left in the race. 

    FOX13 has been calling some of the members who walked out to see if this move will change their mind, but they haven’t returned our calls and now, their absence is having a major impact on community members.

    A woman came to city hall Wednesday afternoon for a zoning hearing about a proposed gas station near a neighborhood. She helped bring more than 30 senior citizens to talk about the project last night, but the hearing was tabled after the walkout. 

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    For a second time, the issue was postponed again.

    Council member Worth Morgan said all he can do is apologize to the community for moments like this.

    “You talk about a bus load of 30 senior citizens coming here to be heard and participate in our political process and that political process gets shut down and we still have 56 items on the agenda, and we only had 19 minutes of debate before the walkout yesterday and that's disappointing,” said Morgan. 

    Morgan said there are other time sensitive items like grants that will remain on hold until council can get at least seven members to show up. 

    FOX13 reached out some of those members who walked out, and they told us they aren't coming back anytime soon.

    “We have an obligation and we have a duty so therefore as chairman of this body and as colleagues come we will be here we will meet every day until the 18th until we can get to the point of conducting business of the tax payers here in the city of Memphis,” said Chairman Berlin Boyd. 

    A Memphis city spokesperson said there won't be a lawsuit filed by this administration to compel those four council members to come back to sessions. 

    Moving forward, city council's attorney Allan Wade said council will open the meeting for at least 30 minutes to try to reach a quorum, and if they don’t, the meeting will be adjourned and they’ll try again the next day.

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