• Memphis city leaders installing several 'speed enforcement cameras' to deter speeding

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Drivers in Memphis may want to either slow down or smile for the camera. 

    The City of Memphis will soon have 15 speed enforcement cameras at different locations. Caught on camera, you will get in trouble but only have to pay a fine.  

    One of the cameras is expected to be placed at the intersection of Tillman and McAdoo.  

    Tony Moore told FOX13 something is needed to slow down speeders because “you see a lot (of) cars coming through there now."

    Would a speed enforcement camera make people obey the speed limit? Moore is doubtful.

    "It is a waste of money and time,” said Moore. 

    Mayor Jim Strickland disagrees and contracted a Dallas company to install 15 Speed Enforcement Cameras at different locations across the city.

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    Most of the devices will be placed near school zones, according to the information FOX13 got in an email from the City of Memphis. 

    We showed that information to Attorney Eric Mogy.

    "Part of it is a scare tactic. It is meant to get people to slow down," said Mogy.

    Mogy said drivers who get caught will get a citation in the mail similar to parking ticket. 

    Unlike being stopped by a police officer, the driver won't face the tough consequences for having lead foot.  

    "It doesn't go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It can't affect your driving record or ability in anyway whatsoever,” said Mogy.

    If you don't pay the fine or citation it could be sent to a collection agency.  

    Moore said the only way to stop speeders is to put police on patrol. 

    "A police force that is here, that is going to make somebody slow down. A camera is not going to do anything,” said Moore.

    Below is the list of the locations of all 15 cameras:

    • Location 1: Union Ave - Rembert to Morrison School Zone
    • Location 2: Whitney Ave - Mountain Terrace to Wingate School Zone
    • Location 3: Tillman St - McAdoo to Tillman Cove School Zone
    • Location 4: Kirby Pkwy - Raines Rd to Birchwalk School Zone
    • Location 5: Stratford Rd - Bowen to Marcel School Zone
    • Location 6: East Holmes Rd - Tulane to Elvis Presley Blvd School Zone
    • Location 7: Perkins Rd - Wooddale to Scottsdale School Zone and Reverse Curve
    • Location 8: North White Station Rd - Normandy to Heatherway School Zone
    • Location 9: Getwell Rd - Mallory to Elliston School Zone
    • Location 10: New Allen Rd - Hawkins Mill Rd to Prince of Peace Church Reverse Curve
    • Location 11: Tchulahoma Rd - Shannon Circle to 400 ft South of Christine Reverse Curve
    • Location 12: McLean Rd - Forrest to Faxon School Zone
    • Location 13: Quince Rd - Sulgrave to Solway School Zone
    • Location 14: Perkins Rd - 100 ft South of Chip to 100 ft North of Perkins Cove Reverse Curve
    • Location 15: Knight Arnold Rd - 600 ft East of Mendenhall to 200 ft East of Spencer Reverse Curve

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