• Memphis councilman blames MLGW for deadly Severson Avenue fire

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - There are new allegations about what caused the deadliest fire Memphis’ recent history.

    Memphis City Councilman Joe Brown now claims an MLGW smart meter caused the fire. An accusation MLGW denies and the official Fire Marshal reports disputes.


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    “That fire happened from smart meters. It happened from smart meters. I not going to let you go around murdering children,” said Councilman Joe Brown.  

    With that statement, Memphis City Councilman Joe Brown opened new wounds and refreshed conspiracy theories about what caused the deadly fire on Severson that killed 10 people, seven of the victims were children.

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    Brown told FOX13, “Something that caused that fire. It was the smart meter that started the fire.”  

    It is an accusation MLGW adamantly denies. MLGW CEO Jerry Collins told FOX13, “Everything that Councilman Brown said about smart meters causing fires is totally one hundred percent false.”

    FOX13 first reported that investigators with the Consumer Product Safety commission “determined the cause of the fire to be an electrical malfunction in the power supply cord of the window AC unit."

    The Memphis Fire Marshal’s Office ruled the chord had been spliced, altered by a local handyman, the father of the children had hired.

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    “Every fire is investigated by the fire department and they determine the cause of the fire. There has been no fire in Memphis that has been caused by smart meters.”

    Brown showed FOX13 150 pages of documents he obtained that show smart meters causing fires across the United States and Canada.  

    He believes his evidence warrants another investigation. “I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it to make sure this family gets their fair due,” said Councilman Brown.

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