• Memphis crime surge taking mental toll on known anti-violence activist

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - After a recent surge in crime in Memphis, anti-violence activist Stevie Moore said he’s working harder than ever to make his presence known.

    It has been Moore’s life for the better half of two decades. After losing his son to gun violence 16 years ago, FOX13 has covered Moore's years of service working in violence-ridden communities, placing signs as a reminder to stop the killing.

    “It’s an uptick now and it’s just [going to] get hot,” Moore said.   

    After a stretch of nine shootings in 26 hours, Moore continues to place signs. 

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    They give people in troubled areas another number to call for help if they fear calling the police. 

    “Do you ever get tired seeing these scenes over and over?” asked FOX13’s Tony Atkins.

    “Do you see how slow I’m walking? Yes, I do get physically tired and mentally drained,” Moore said. “You wake up. Four shootings in one night. You’re like, huh. ‘Should I keep on or throw up my hands?’” 

    The City of Memphis is equipped with 2,081 police officers. A number that slowly climbs up -- but not as fast as crime itself. 

    As of April 17, Memphis sits at 51 homicides, compared to just 35 in 2018.

    “Don’t complain, don’t criticize and not give solutions,” Moore said.  

    As he approaches 70, he physically may slow down. He told FOX13 his efforts will continue as long as he's needed in the City of Memphis. 

    “I know if I quit and I’m asking others to start. If I quit, why would anybody else start?” Moore said. 

    Moore said over 16 years, he’s placed about 48,000 signs in the city.

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