• Memphis father shot and killed while driving; car crashes into home


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis father was killed after someone shot him while he was driving in a South Memphis neighborhood.

    Photos of the crime scene

    Police said the shooting happened around 10:45 p.m.

    Felicia Campbell had very few words to describe the damage to her home and car after a shooting victim crashed his car Wednesday night.          

    "It's beyond crazy I just don't have words for it,” Campbell said.

    Memphis police said the man crashed his car into Campbell's home in the 2500 block of Keen Road after someone shot him while he was driving.

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    Campbell said before the shooting and crash, she and her daughter were in the front room of their home.

    "Seconds after she went to her room, the shots were fired and the house was hit along with the car,” Campbell said.

    The victim's family and friends confirmed to FOX13 Christopher Jordan, 32, was killed in the accident. 

    "It’s kind of hard to watch our city go down like this,” Campbell said.

    Witnesses told FOX13 two women were with Jordan when he crashed – one woman is pregnant.

    Felicity Wright is a friend of Jordan's who told FOX13 he is a father and was expecting another child.   

    "Put the guns down it's not worth it,” Wright said.

    Police could not give a specific area where the gunman shot Jordan.

    People said they believe the shooting was the result of a dispute from the nearby Hillview Apartments.

    Wright said she hopes the shooter can do the right thing before hurting anyone else.

    "We just pray that whoever did comes forward. We are begging you to come forward, his kids need closure,” Wright said.

    MPD are working to learn if area businesses may have caught any parts of the incident on surveillance cameras.

    Investigators ask if you have any information about this case to call police or Crime Stoppers. 

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