Memphis gangsters charged in murder of fellow gang member

Two Memphis gang members are accused of killing a man in Frayser.

Jonquett Haggett and Will Vaughn are charged with first degree murder. The charges are related to the shooting death of Cameron Horne on April 16 on Baskin Street.

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Investigators said Horne was shot multiple times. He died after being taken to Regional One, and his death was ruled a homicide.

The deadly shooting stemmed from an ongoing feud between gang members, according to an arrest affidavit. FOX13 is told all three men were members of the same gang, but different sets.

Witnesses told police Haggett was seen arguing with the victim and his girlfriend “a short time” before the murder, according to police documents. Will Vaughn was also identified as a person who had been arguing with the victim.

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Police located Haggett and Vaughn the next day. They were identified in photo line-ups and via witness statements as the people involved in the shooting.

Investigators said Vaught was “in possession of the same unique clothing” that witnesses saw him wearing as he chased and fired gunshots at the victim.

Haggett told police he was with Vaughn when they saw the victim. One of them said ‘I’m going to kill him,” and Vaughn told his girlfriend to pull over, according to police documents.

Haggett claimed he got out of the car to chase the victim, but Vaughn shot the man instead. Haggett denied firing his gun, but he did admit to arguing with the victim and his girlfriend earlier in the day.

Vaughn also spoke with police. He admitted to owning the clothing item identified by witnesses.

Both Jonquett Haggett and Will Vaughn were arrested and charged with murder.