• Memphis homeowner fed up with overgrown grass in vacant lot


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - One Memphis woman is fed up with overgrown grass and weeds in a nearby lot that hasn’t been cut in more than a year. 

    “It was flat like a regular lawn that you cut with a regular lawn mower,” said Easter Griffin. 

    She said that’s what the vacant lawn next to her home used to look like when she bought her home 10 years ago.

    But now, it’s a maze of weeds, grass and everything in between. And it’s the last thing she wants next to her grandchildren.

    “It’s scary because anything could crawl out of there,” she said. 

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    Griffin said over the years this area was trimmed periodically, but over the past year, these weeds have grown several feet high. 

    Since Griffin doesn’t own the property, she couldn’t do anything about it. 

    A city of Memphis spokesperson said code enforcement will send notices to the owner of this vacant lot and other lots with overgrown grass on Friday. 

    The city said the owner will have seven days to cut the grass.

    “I hope we can get something done soon. Six, seven days is not a problem, we’ve done waited this long,” she said. 

    If the owners don’t cut the grass in seven days, then code enforcement will come back out at the end of the month and cut it. The city said code enforcement will send a bill to the homeowner.

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