Memphis installs first protected intersection for cyclists and pedestrians

WATCH: Memphis installs first protected intersection for cyclists and pedestrians

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The city of Memphis is working towards being a more bike-friendly city.

A new protected intersection is now up in the Medical District to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe.

According to the Bikeway Pedestrian manager Nicholas Oyler these designs mirror European cities, but are modified for Memphis.

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"You can kind of think of it as a bike round about where you are also ways moving in a counter clockwise direction. If you are on a bike and you want to go left you continue straight across on the bike lane and once you get on the other side of the street kind of turn to the left and wait for the light to turn green. Then continue across," said Nicholas Oyler.

It’s the first of its kind in the U.S., but cyclists have mixed opinions. They’re big concern is that it will be too confusing for drivers to get used to.

"Not everything is perfect on the first go round. The new things people aren't use to them. Cars don't know what to do and sometimes cyclist don't know what to  do. It is just a matter of everybody learning," said Josh Jacob, manager at Peddler Bike Shop.

The protective intersection was part of a general resurfacing initiative until it partnered with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative who paid for the special colors, posts and signs.

There are plans to try out this design in other spots around Memphis.

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