Memphis investor plans to renovate more than 50 properties near Orange Mound

WATCH: Memphis investor plans to renovate more than 50 properties near Orange Mound

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis native is turning some of the worst properties in the city into a safer place to live. So far, the investor has purchased more than 50 properties.
Hard to tell right now but the investor told us about a home on Robin Hood Lane that was vacant for 10 years.

He said there were holes in the roof, the garage was broken down and the windows were busted out.

Now it has a brand-new front door, it’s freshly painted giving people in this community something to be proud of.

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“It’s bringing back life to an area that needed it,” said Ignacio Crisostomo.

Crisostomo moved into the home he rents in Sherwood Forest more than six months ago.

It was abandoned for 10 years.

“The facilities were old, outdated a lot of them didn’t meet the safety requirements. The house just looked completely lackluster and it looked like an eyesore in the neighborhood,” said Crisostomo.

He showed FOX13 the inside of the revitalized home with new appliances, a modern look and a brand-new feel.

Memphis native Andrew Glisson, who travels back and forth from Houston, is the investor who takes some of the worst properties and turns them around.

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“A lot of the houses that we have been buying have been in neighborhoods are just really kind of blighted and a lot of them were vacant.  A lot of them were in complete disrepair.”

Glisson started the Neighborhood Revival Program with a couple of business partners a year ago.

They bought 50 properties in the 38111 zip code.

“Our mission is to turn these neighborhoods back around in Memphis,” he said.

One of the homes he invested into in the 3500 block of Carrington was on the demolition list, and the house next to it was also in bad shape before they renovated it.

Renters said the progress is being made in their community.

“We are making positive changes to be better and change the negative rep that our city has,” said Crisostomo.

The investor moved to a home in Sherwood Forest after leaving East Memphis. He turned the home to into a rental property.

That’s what motivated him to do this.