• Memphis man accused of shooting at home because he was ‘upset with neighborhood kids'

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis man accused of shooting at a home because he was upset with children in the neighborhood is now in jail. 

    The incident happened in the 1300 block of Quinby Drive in Frayser on Sept. 2. 

    Neighbors said Richard Brackey, who lives at the home, was angry with the kids in the neighborhood because he thought they were knocking on his door. 

    Brackey then confronted the children at their home, according to Jamisa London, the aunt of the victims. 

    London told FOX13 she told her nieces and nephews to go inside when Brackey began to confront them.

    “Definitely somebody could’ve been killed that’s my major concern,” said London.


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    After “rampant arguing and fussing” while speaking to neighbors, London said Brackey shot his weapon.

    And London told FOX13 that’s not the first time Brackey used a gun to threaten her family. 

    The last time, Brackey didn’t shoot. 

    “…he came about halfway, he won’t come directly on the yard,” London said. “He would get close enough where I could see him and he had the gun – a rifle – then and he threatened us then.”

    However, there is quite a dispute over the most recent incident. 

    London claims her niece and nephews were not on Brackey’s yard in the first place. 

    Brackey, on the other hand, told police he didn’t fire any shots.  

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