• Memphis man attacks elementary school workers with screwdriver

    By: Courtney Mickens


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Police were called to Alcy Elementary Wednesday morning after a man assaulted a person with a screwdriver.

    The victim told police that she told Bryant Smith that she couldn't talk to him because she was at work.

    Investigators said the victim was in the cafeteria of the school where she works, when Smith broke in through the side door with a screwdriver.

    Officers said the suspect cut the victim with a screwdriver.

    Another person on the scene tried to stop Smith from hurting the woman. Smith then stuck the other woman with a screw driver as well.

    No arrest have been made at this time, this is an ongoing investigation.

    Shelby County School gave the following statement concerning the incident, 

    An employee of Alcy Elementary was involved in an altercation... in the school's kitchen Wednesday. As soon as staff members were alerted to the incident, the school was immediately placed on lockdown as a precaution, and police and District Security were informed. The area where the incident occurred is isolated from students and accessible for staff only. Security protocols have been reemphasized to employees at the school, which includes locking all employee and public entrances and making sure all visitors always report to the main office.

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