• Memphis man billed $6,400 by MLGW

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Imagine opening up your MLGW bill and seeing that you owed nearly $6,500 for water usage in a house you just moved into. That was a reality for a viewer from South Memphis who reached out to FOX13 for help.

    We sent FOX13's Marius Payton to look into it, and he was told by the tenant the house had no visible leaks on the property.

    That's what makes it so strange that an MLGW bill would be that high. But now that bill has turned into a cutoff notice, and if the tenant doesn't pay, it's either no more water in his drain or a major drain on his checking account.

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    "I'm like where is all this water that was supposed be using up? Cause I don't have a swimming pool. I don't have no fishing lake. Where is this waters going?" Mike Jones said all he has are bills; big bills from MLGW totaling in the thousands of dollars.

    "Their first bill is a $1,500 bill, and I'm like 1500? I mean this can't be right. So the second week, they came with that 4,000 and something dollar bill, and I was like no this can't be right," Jones said.

    The final bill is a whopping $6,400 bill for water usage he said began in October. He told us he tried to work things out with MLGW and even had a plumber check the house for leaks.

    After a plumber couldn't find any issues, Jones got another letter from MLGW.

    (You got a cut off notice?) “Yeah I got a cut off notice.” (When are they going to cut you off?) “Any minute." 

    So we went to MLGW for answers and those answers came quick.

    "When we put the meter in, there was a leak we did not detect," said Gale Jones Carson, Head of Corporate Communications for MLGW.

    Jones Carson said that leak exposed a lot of water that eventually showed up on Jones' $6400 bill. The good news is he is not responsible.

    (So he's not going have to pay that $6,000 bill?) “He will not have to pay that bill. MLGW has assessed the situation. We found the leak after investigating the matter."

    MLGW said the bill will be adjusted for the last 3 months, and he will pay nowhere near $6,400. They also said if anyone has a bill higher than normal, the first thing you want to do is contact MLGW. In this case, it worked out well.

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