Memphis man buys 'iPhones' for $930, but finds surprise in boxes

This Sept. 2, 2016, photo shows the earphone jack and charging port on an Apple iPhone 6, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

A Memphis man thought he was getting a deal on iPhones, but instead he got a box full of rocks and one with a lock. While the words rhyme, the unwelcome surprise is actually a crime.

The victim told police he was browsing the “Let Go” app and found an iPhone 10 and an iPhone 8 for sale. A profile under the name “Quincy” was selling the phone in a bundle for $950, according to the police report.

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“Quincy” agreed to sell the phones for $930 and told the victims to meet his nephews at a school in Frayser.

When the victim arrived, he saw three juveniles. They had two iPhone boxes that were wrapped in plastic and appeared to be brand new, according to police documents.

The victim gave the boys $930 and took the two boxes. As he walked back to his car, they walked out of sight behind the school.

Once in his car, the victim unwrapped the boxes. One contained a sock full of rocks, and the other had a heavy lock, according to police.

The victim couldn’t find the boys who took his money.

No arrests have been made in the case.