Memphis man connected to rape cases across the country

Calvin Kelly is back in Memphis. It is the place he's called home for most of his 60 years.

Kelly recently stood trial in the state of Michigan on rape charges. The case had a lot of fanfare, and even the state’s attorney general even showed up.

Raw video: Calvin Kelly discusses the Attorney General's comments about him

Prosecutors were convinced they had their man, but the jury thought otherwise. They returned a not guilty verdict.

Three years after being extradited on those charges, the former truck driver could finally make the journey back home.

The Attorney General's Office told FOX13 the jury believed Kelly over the victim.

"I'm a truck driver. At that time there, I was messing with a prostitute," Kelly said.

The case, even with DNA evidence that put Kelly at the alleged crime scene, came down to the jurors believing his word over that of a known prostitute.

After he was found not guilty, Kelly reached out to FOX13 to clear his name.

Raw video: Calvin Kelly explains why he called FOX13

“I need my name rectified,” he explained. “People that I know here, they don’t believe all that garbage.”

Before sitting down with Kelly, FOX13's Josh Tucker looked into the man’s past. Our fact checking took us down another path – one that includes a total of nine other cases dating back to 1985.

One case centered around Memphis, where a woman told police a man put a revolver to her side and raped her. Investigators identified Calvin Kelly as the primary suspect, but by then he was in St. Louis and they refused to extradite him.

Two years later in St. Louis, a suspect allegedly put a knife to a woman’s neck and raped her in a car. That vehicle was linked to Calvin Kelly.

In 1989, again in St. Louis, two different women said a man raped them at knifepoint. Calvin Kelly was named as a suspect in both cases.

In 1990, still in St. Louis, a woman who allegedly knew Calvin Kelly told police he choked her until he passed out, and then he raped her.

Then there was a 17-year gap. In 2017, a St. Louis woman said she was forced into a semi-truck and raped six times. After the rape, the victim told police the suspect apologized and gave her a note with two words. They were “Calvin” and “Kelly.”

Calvin Kelly was never charged in St. Louis.

Raw video: Calvin Kelly discusses MLIVE articles about the multiple cases he was allegedly linked to

Then between 2008 and 2010, there were three more cases in Memphis and Virginia. In each case, the victims were isolated by their attacked, the alleged rapist used weapons or was violent, and each of the victims were forced to have unprotected sex.

Finally, the most recent case that we know of happened in Michigan.

Kelly denies them all.

“Nah, man. I’ve never been about that damn talk,” Kelly told FOX13. “Don’t you think I would be in jail or something?”

“We talking about 10 rapes here,” he continued. “Do you think someone would be in jail, being convicted? That’s what I’m trying to tell you. What the hell they put on there, that’s my first time seeing that.”

The Michigan Attorney General went as far as to investigate the other accusations. The AG told FOX13 the found DNA linking Kelly to at least four of them, but that evidence was limited.