• Memphis man's girlfriend banned from entering U.S.

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    A Memphis man is raising questions to why his girlfriend from the Dominican Republic has been banned from entering the United States for ten years.

    He was supposed to pick the woman up from the Nashville Airport Tuesday evening but later learned the woman had been deported.

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    Army Vet, Pete Bacon told FOX13 after having hip replacement surgery he needed his girlfriend to assist him in the rehabilitation process.             

    "I clearly put it in here why she was coming back so soon,” Bacon said.

    Bacon said his girlfriend Augustine De La Cruz Gonzalez was scheduled to arrive in Nashville from Miami Tuesday.

    But her trip to America from the Dominican Republic would end in Miami.

    "Maybe I'm off in my head but this doesn't make sense to me,” Bacon said.

    Bacon says Gonzalez arrived in Memphis in October and left in December.

    She was staying on a visa six month stay but decided to leave early.            

    “I am totally against the illegal immigration,” Bacon said.

    Bacon said he is a diehard Trump supporter, and believes the illegal immigration crackdown is a must.

    However, in this case Bacon said the policy is clearly keeping people from visiting loved ones in America.

    "I sent a notarized letter in English and Spanish with all my documents, my passport number her passport number everything,” Bacon said.

    Bacon said after not hearing from Gonzalez for several hours, he received a call from Immigration at six o’clock Wednesday morning saying she was being deported back to the D.R.

    Gonzalez has been banned from entering the U.S. for ten years.

    "She's a 40-year-old woman. She's not a drug dealer. She's not a dope smoker,” Bacon said.

    Bacon told FOX13 he has been in contact with Congressman Steve Cohen’s office who has offered a way to contest Gonzalez’s ban.

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