• Memphis mother kidnapped at gunpoint, forced to commit forgery

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A mother and her two children are home after being kidnapped, and the mother was forced to commit forgery.

    People who work at a local Check into Cash told police they knew something was wrong. That's why they pushed the silent alarm to get police there.

    Police said a 23-year-old mother of two said she was forced into a car at gunpoint and was taken to the Check into Cash on Summer Avenue.

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    "I think that is a real sick heinous act. I mean come on now you going to force a woman to cash a check at gunpoint?" said Jasmine Morgan.

    According to police, she got into a car with two men so they could bring her to the store.

    The mother told police the men instead brought the mother and her children to a parking lot.

    Jasmine Morgan catches the bus in the area and said this type of crime has her on edge.

     "I hate she was put in that situation," said Morgan.

    The men wanted the mother to cash a phony check with an amount of $489.14 at this Check into Cash.

    The police report explains when the mother went into the Check into Cash, she alerted an attendant she was being held against her will and she couldn't cash the check because she didn't want to go to jail.

    "He could've got anybody out here. This is a busy area," said Morgan.

    Memphis police were alerted with a push of the business' silent alarm and detained one of the men as well as the mother.

    FOX13 also reached out to the mother for comment who declined us the opportunity to speak with her.

    "I got two boys, and I would be scared for them to even see something like that," said Morgan.

    No one has been charged in this case as of yet. The one suspect who was detained was arrested for outstanding warrants.

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