Memphis mother says teen daughter is being sex trafficked, pleas for help

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A desperate mother turns to FOX13 requesting help. This, after she said the Department of Children's Services put her 17-year-old daughter back out on the streets.

It happened Tuesday night after police picked the teen up and took her to DCS.

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FOX13 spoke with the emotional mother Wednesday afternoon and she said she has tried everything with her daughter.

The teen is supposed to be in the custody of the state.

That's why it was such a surprise that after being taken off the streets Tuesday night, someone at DCS released her back into the streets.

Now, the mother is telling FOX13 that time is of the essence in this fight to save her daughter.

"My baby is bipolar, schizophrenic, and she has a lot of trauma which causes psychotic features which makes her aggressive and violent," said Tameka Johnson.

Johnson is doing what any other mother would do. It's been difficult controlling her daughter who she describes as a good girl with mental issues.

Tameka has done everything for her daughter from counseling to hospitalization.

"I have put several companies in my home. I have put Youth Villages, Just Care, Health Connect, Frayser Family Counseling, Compass, Hermitage Hall," the mother said.

She has the paperwork to prove it. That paper work also proves Tameka's daughter should be in the custody of the state.

So, it was a surprise Tuesday night when Tameka saw her daughter being sex trafficked. She called police, and police picked her daughter up and took her to the Department of Children's Services.

Hours later, her daughter was back at home.

"I was like, ‘What's wrong?’ and she was like, ‘They let me go.’ and I was like, ‘Who?’ and she was like, ‘DCS.’"

Tameka said she has had issues with DCS. On top of getting custody of her child, she said the agency has accused her of pimping her daughter out when all she wants is help.

"I'm still stuck. I don't know what to do because I don’t have no attorney to help me. I have called churches. Everybody pretty much wants my baby to turn 18 years old and go away like her life don't  matter, and it matters," Tameka said.

Time is also an issue because Tameka has Stage 4 cancer and doesn't know how much longer she can help.

"I have cancer, breast cancer, and my liver is failing," Tameka said with tears filling her eyes.

We reached out to the Department of Children Services. It would not comment on a specific case.

However, a spokesperson did tell us it was possible someone made a mistake by releasing Tameka's daughter Tuesday night.

It's a nightmare that continues for Tameka, a bad dream involving her daughter that's now a sad reality.

"But I got two smaller kids. They give me energy and they give me reason to act like this isn't happening,” Tameka said.

Tameka has devoted the time she has left to helping her daughter.

She said her daughter is a good girl with very bad and deep-rooted issues.

As for her cancer, she told us she is no longer getting treatments and she wants to get help for her daughter before something happens to her.