• Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods want your input


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Residents can now give input on what you want to see happen your neighborhood parks.

    The City of Memphis Division of Parks and Neighborhoods will host a community a series of three public meetings.

    The second meeting was held this afternoon in Orange Mound.

    The city told people at the meeting they have a plan.

    People gathered inside of the gymnasium start the discussion concerning the needs of Orange Mound, an "activist community," what one man inside called it.

    Tonight was about talking and listening. 

    Lenard Draper, who contracts with the city to operate tri-state youth baseball academy in Bellevue Park, was in the crowd.

    "We up keep," Draper said. "We cut our own grass and we have done some remodeling in the park."

    But he said there is only so much they can do, and his concern is there are no restrooms.

    LeMoyne-Owen College does their games at Bellevue Park, which is Jesse Turner Park. 

    When the visitors come in, they must go across the street and use the service station restrooms. We want to see what the city can do to help. 

    Last month, the city said it would develop a master plan to gain insight on what was important to people.

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    Many in the crowd said they want city to provide services that match the demographics takes the income ratio into account. 

    People want to see action. They want to see activities in their parks, and they want to feel safe. 

    The good news is that is a broad spectrum of things and as we go forward, we are going to be able to highlight the important ones. 

    After gathering information, the hope is to roll out the plan over the next 12 months. 

    Before the master plan is approved by the council, they want to layout a 10-year plan. 

    The next meeting is tomorrow.

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