• Memphis police searching for 2 men accused of burglarizing woman's home

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis police officers are looking for two suspects who recently burglarized an apartment and took dozens of items. 

    The homeowner saw the burglary just moments after it happened from the security feed on her phone. 

    “I’m just jumping up and down like ‘Oh my God! They’re in the apartment, they’re in my house.’ So that was terrifying, and I felt helpless like all kinds of emotions had gone through my mind,” said the homeowner, who isn’t being identified because the men responsible for the burglary are still on the loose. 

    She told FOX13 she installed the security camera just two days before the burglary. 

    The woman believes the suspects may have been watching her movements because she said they knew when to break in.

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    “Everyone was gone in my building and for them to come in and take as much as they had taken they must have been watching me – my morning movements, my evening moments when I come and go,” she said.

    The burglary happened on May 20 at the Edgewater Apartment complex. There were 18 burglaries around the complex from May to June.

    FOX13’s Kirstin Garriss showed former Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Bennie Cobb the video of the burglary and talked with him about home security. 

    “On the doors you’re most vulnerable in the locking system. Most of those doors have these very small screws that secure the lock,” said Cobb.

    Cobb said longer screws and stronger locks are the first step. He said installing a deadbolt is another layer of security.

    “Get a [dead] bolt that’s another half inch longer that goes further into the door jam,” he said. 

    While having a security camera is good, Cobb said installing an audible alarm system is better.

    “Burglars want to go unseen, unheard, unknown,” he said. “An audible sound is going to bring attention that somebody may hear them, and their neighbors will come out and they don’t want that.”

    Since the burglary, the victim said she moved into a new place.

    “My place now has alarm system, two cameras and the doors are a lot more secure,” she said.

    The victim also suggested that you keep track of all your receipts for your electronics because it’ll make it easier to file your claim with your insurance company.

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