• Memphis reaches homicide record in 2016

    By: Greg Coy


    FOX13 digs deeper into last year’s record homicide rate in Memphis. 

    FOX 13 discovered what days are the most dangerous and the types of killings that drove up the murder rate.

    "We know that homicides are at a high. So that is why I am going to focus on homicides and get this pink elephant out of the room," said Michael Rallings, Memphis Police Director.

    The pink elephant called homicides claimed more than 220 lives.  FOX13 dug deeper into the figures Director Rallings presented to the members of the Rotary. There were some interesting statistics.

    Nearly half of the victims were 31-years-old or older.  The age bracket for the largest number of suspected killers ranges from 19 to 24.

    According to the data from the MPD, the most violent days of the week last year were Monday, Friday and Saturday. 

    The most violent hours of the night are from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

    Rallings told FOX13 the figures deserve academic review.  Rallings said, "I want to study it and see exactly what is going on so we can push and deploy our resources in the right place."

    The figures will question perceptions about murder.  Domestic violence homicide accounts for only 14% of the killings in 2016.

    Gang murders made up only 32%.

    "We can get caught up on the ups and downs lets figure out why there were down let’s see if there are some true things that happened to reduce the homicide rate," said Rallings.

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