• Memphis VA manager under investigation, accused of falsifying time cards of VA employees

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A high level manager at the Memphis VA Medical Center is under investigation, accused of falsifying time cards of VA employees.

    This story came to light after an anonymous email was sent to VA leaders.

    FOX13's Marius Payton covers the VA and he said VA Director David Dunning calls these allegations serious. 

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    He said he has launched an investigation into the matter, but we got our hands on that anonymous letter dated in October.

    We also found out the employee in question recently was promoted last month which begs the question, "What did the director know, and when did he know it?"

    "Cheryl Brewer has been a dark spot at this hospital. They have had two interventions, and you guys had the story on plantation like mentality. She's a part of that," said Sean Higgins, a known whistleblower against the Memphis VA Medical Center.

    Higgins pulls no punches when he sees wrongdoing at the VA, and he was at the forefront of the latest allegations accusing a high level manager of falsifying time cards.

    "What made me step forward was I got an anonymous letter," said Higgins. 

    That letter, which FOX13 has obtained a copy, details how Cheryl Brewer approved time off for 2 employees who had no leave time on the books.  

    "That letter was done October 31 of last year. It was delivered to the chief of police Terrell Owens," Higgins said.

    Tuesday afternoon, we received an email from Director Dunning saying, "These are serious allegations, which we are thoroughly looking into immediately. If warranted, we will take appropriate action." 

    But did Director Dunning know about these allegations before he promoted Brewer to the Assistant Chief of Human Resources in January of this year? Higgins believes it was all swept under the carpet.

    "Director Dunning is showing us that he is not the man to do that. He's been here almost 8 or 9 months, and they're still in the news for the same bad things. 54 months straight this hospital has been in the news. We are one of the worst facilities in the country." 

    We will keep you posted on this investigation.  

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