• Memphis woman fed up with 311, claims paving issues went unanswered for months

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis woman said she’s fed up and believes she’s been getting the run around from 311.

    The homeowner told FOX13 she called 311 multiple times about broken pavement in front of her home for months, but she said she never got a response.

    On Friday, there was a fresh coat of asphalt in front of Rosiland Kimmelman’s home.

    She said it’s a welcomed sight but getting to this point wasn’t easy.

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    “If you don’t get a call back after as many calls as I made, what is the point of calling 311? I mean, they don’t do anything,” she said.

    Kimmelman said she called 311 five different times about a hole in the pavement. 

    She said she called twice a few months ago and then another three times after breaking her wrist last month. She said she fell over the loose gravel while she was picking up her garbage can.

    “It’s very frustrating because the fact that I had to have surgery and suffered, and now I have to go to hand therapy and all of this other stuff,” she said. “It’s frustrating because it’s something that they’re responsible for and this cove has never been repaved.”

    A city spokesperson told FOX13 city crews inspected the area last month and determined the entire cove didn’t need to be resurfaced. The spokesperson said crews were already scheduled to repair the hole this week. 

    Kimmelman believes someone should have given her an update about the repair.

    But instead she said she was left in the dark.

    “They took my phone number and everything and said, ‘We’ll call you back,’” said Kimmelman. “But (they) didn’t call me back, so I decided calling 311 is not the answer.”

    FOX13’s Kirstin Garriss asked the city why Kimmelman didn’t get an update about the work, and the spokesperson said residents are responsible for calling 311 back using their confirmation number to get an update or to check their status online.

    Kimmelman said the paving work wasn’t that smooth and the city said they will send a crew next week to inspect the repair work.

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