Memphis woman finds man breaking down front door, fires several gunshots to scare him

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman said she had no other choice but to protect herself after a man broke into her home.

It happened Sunday night off North Holmes Street, and now that man is in custody.

Sharon Moorehead said she was the only one of her family awake when it happened.

She came out of her room and saw the man breaking down her door. She told FOX13 she shot at him several times to protect herself.

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“He started kicking the door in, and I just started shooting,” said Moorehead. “I didn’t have time to talk to him. I shot him because I feared for my life and everyone in my house.”

After Moorehead fired shots, the suspect – William Barnes – ran away from her home.

“Thieves and criminals don’t care. They are coming to get you and whatever you have and you have a right to protect yourself and your belongings,” Moorehead said.

Police arrested Barnes for aggravated burglary. It is unclear if he was hit by any of the gunshots.

Moorehead said she didn’t know the suspect.

Police said Barnes is in the hospital, but they did not specify his condition.