• Memphis woman going viral after she rescues ducklings from storm drain

    By: Ryan Glover


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis woman has gone viral for all the right reasons.

    Shara Fenell told FOX13 she was walking in Downtown Memphis on Memorial Day near the Peabody Hotel when she heard a noise. She said she wasn't sure what the noise was at first or where it was coming from, until she looked in a storm drain.

    When Fenell looked down, she saw about eight ducklings. She and her friend noticed the mother duck walking around the drain trying to do something.

    What Fenell decided to do next made her go viral.

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    She jumped into the drain and saved the ducklings. She lifted them one by one to a Good Samaritan.

    Fenell told FOX13 she made sure the ducklings and their mother crossed the street safely. You can see the entire video of Fenell saving the ducklings below.

    Great work, Shara Fenell!

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