Memphis woman held hostage for 2 days, beaten, and sexually assaulted, says MPD

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman told police she was brutally sexual assaulted after giving a man a ride to the store.

Police said Vernon Scott called the victim and asked for a ride to the store on Halloween.

After returning Scott home, the victim followed him inside.

Officers said Scott then grabbed the victim’s arm and told her to “sit your a** down,” forcing the victim to stay.

Scott then got drugs delivered to the house and started smoking crack. He then blew smoke for the crack pipe into the victim’s face, according to MPD.

The victim told police Scott then opened the victim’s mouth and began pouring alcohol down her throat.

Later that night, police said Scott forced the victim’s head on his lap while his penis was exposed, trying to force the victim to give him oral sex.

Once the victim refused, police said Scott hit the victim several times in the face, making her nose bleed for hours.

MPD said the victim asked to leave once again, but Scott refused.

Scott then ordered the victim to take off her shirt and put his on. He said he did not want the victim to get blood all over her shirt, according to MPD.

After two days, the victim was able to get away and drive herself to the hospital.

The hospital said the victim had a fractured nose, two black eyes and had missing hair.

Scott was identified in a photo lineup on November 4. After Scott was given his rights, he admitted to a physical altercation between the victim.

He also told police she was able to leave at any time.

Vernon Scott is schedule to appear in court Monday morning.