Memphis woman uses twin's name when arrested for drugs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A case of mistaken identity has a Memphis woman fighting mad.

If you look up her name, she’s was just busted for drugs. When in fact, she told us she has never been arrested.

Tarnesha Lee, talked with FOX13 Saturday outside 201 Poplar, but if you look up jail records, she was locked up at the time.

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An affidavit showed, Lee was busted early Saturday morning after MPD searched a motel room and found 28 Ecstasy pills.

She’s charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. “I have a professional career, I don’t need my name slandered like this,” Lee said.

Here’s the problem, Lee has an identical twin sister, Myesha Brown. Brown has a wrap sheet and she was actually the one busted for drugs but she gave officers her sister’s name because she had warrants out for her

Lee said, “She’s constantly using my name and they’re telling me there’s no way they can clear it out.”

Lee told us MPD must not have even checked Brown’s ID when she was arrested.

“Any proof that’s her name before you just use my name on a felony charge like this, that’s not fair,” Lee told FOX13.

Lee said she’s been frantically trying to get the problem fixed. She made calls, went to MPD, Jail East, 201 Poplar.

She said she showed her driver’s license, credit cards, insurance cards even a marriage license as proof of who she is.

But Lee claims she was told nothing could be done until Monday and she may have to go to court to clear things up.

Lee said, “they should be changing in the system but I’m getting the runaround saying there’s nothing they can do right now.”

So while Lee said she’s angry with her sister for creating this mess in the first place, she’s even more upset that no one is helping her fix it. Lee told us, “all I want them to do is go ahead and clear my name so I can move past this,”

Lee told us her sister has used her name when she was arrested three other times in Mississippi but she was able to clear that up right away.

We’ve reached out to MPD and SCSO for comment, but we haven’t heard back.