Memphis woman wants answers after thieves crashed car into house, stole 'everything of value'

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser woman returned home to find a massive hole in her house and the inside ransacked.

The woman said the suspects took her TVs and other electronics. There are tire marks from where someone drove through the grass and into her home, which is now boarded up.

“They jumped the curb and went this way, and then they went inside of my house and took everything that I had of value,” the woman said.

She did not want to be identified out of fear of retaliation.

The woman showed FOX13 the inside of her home in the 2500 block of Hargrove Avenue. She believes the thieves intentionally drove through the living room because they ransacked her home.

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“I come home to this hole in my wall and my house is destroyed. They took everything that was value to me, I don’t know what they was looking for,” said the woman.

She found the damages after returning from a fishing trip Tuesday night. She then noticed how the thieves crawled inside after creating the massive hole.

“(It was) a horror movie. All my beds flipped upside down, all my cabinet doors are open. My drawers are open, my dresser drawers are open,” she said.

The woman showed FOX13 parts of the suspects’ car outside her home, including a mirror. She said the thieves also took her radios and computers, along with several TVs.

“I worked hard for this, now they just took it away from me,” she said. “I got to start all over.”

And she told FOX13 she just moved in two months ago.

Although the woman said she is not sure why this happened, she told FOX13 she wondered if it was in retaliation for the Brandon Webber shooting because she said her daughter had just had his baby.

Officers were able to get fingerprints and are working to see if the nearby high school captured surveillance video.