• Mental health expert weighs in after 11-year-old charged with shooting father and son

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    A 14-year-old is on life support and his dad was critically wounded when a young child shot them both, police said. 

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    Many questions remain surrounding the shooting: How the 11-year-old got ahold of the gun? And what was the motive?

    As police continue to press for answers, mental health specialist, Brandy Flynn told FOX13 this tragic event could have been avoided. 

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    “A lot of your well-known killers start off doing some type of killing. Whether it was killing animals or anything like that at a young age, and it was never dealt with.”

    A juvenile court judge asked for all media to leave the courtroom Friday while the 11-year-old charged in a double shooting got his first day in court.

    “Sad to say it took one or two peoples’ lives,” Flynn said. 

    There is no word on whether the 11-year-old will be charged as an adult or if the case will remain juvenile court.

    Flynn said it’s a tragedy the child’s behavior is the cause of two people fighting for their lives. 

    “If he didn’t get caught now who’s to say he would’ve done it at 13 or 15,” Flynn said.

    “With him being caught it’ll prevent him from doing it to someone else.”

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