• Mid-South agencies launching program to crack down on speeding


    SHELBY CO., Tenn. - Keep an eye on your speedometer while driving next week. 

    Agencies in the Mid-South are working with Tennessee Highway Patrol to crack down on speeding. 

    “We are going to be everywhere. There is no place we won’t be,” Lt. Reginal Hubbard of Shelby County’s Tennessee Highway Safety Office said. “Over the next week, roadways neighborhoods, highways. We’re gonna be all over.”

    “Operation Southern Shield” starts Monday. The week-long program’s focus is to get drivers to follow the rules of the road and reduce their speed. 

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    “If individuals understood the number of fatalities throughout the state in a year’s time, then they would better understand why we’re out there doing what we’re doing,” Lt. Hubbard said.

    At this time last year, the district reported 68 traffic deaths in Shelby County. This year, that number is 12 fatalities higher, bringing the total to 80 traffic deaths in 2018 so far. 

    Cole Perkins said he’s been driving since October and tries to focus on going the speed limit. 

    “I want to be able to drive safely and be able to drive how I want without someone coming up and potentially endangering my life,” Perkins said. 

    This operation comes after data revealed the number of speed-related deaths is ticking up each year.  

    “When we see that there’s a problem,” Hubbard said, “we try to come together with agencies around us to try to combat the problem.” 

    Authorities are asking you to slow down and understand the severity of speeding.

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